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  • It is realistic and authentic
  • Individual and no two voyages are ever alike. Every voyage is a voyage of discovery in both a physical and a personal sense
  • Small ship voyages that remove you from the white noise of life and get your closer to the destination, which is the real experience
  • Hurtigruten is an experience, not just a trip
  • A chance to disconnect from the ordinary and experience the extraordinary. Educational and personal discoveries with chances to see nature and natural phenomena in their purest forms
  • What really makes Hurtigruten uniquely different from conventional cruise lines – "The White Ships"– is that that for generations (more than a 120 years), Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coast has been a central part of people's lives, carrying local passengers, goods, post, medicines etc. – and still is, on a daily basis. We are truly authentic – and that is an increasingly sought-after quality.
  • Also, our vessels are small enough to go where most cruise ships don’t go. And: We don’t use pilots; our captains are pilots. For parts of the Norwegian coast for instance, we drew the charts.
  • Our unparalleled combination of out-of-the-ordinary DNA, exceptional skill-set, and appropriate fleet of explorer ships – constitutes the foundation for building a new category.
  • Through combining tradition and know-how with innovation and sustainability commitment, we can offer a premium product for the modern adventure traveler who seeks authentic and unique experiences at a pristine destination.
  • Acquiring new knowledge and personal development is also a goal for modern explorers. This is how we really take "the new Hurtigruten travel category"”" to the next level. By offering onboard and ashore popular science lectures on topics relevant to the destinations, from experts in areas such as history, zoology, botany, and environmental science.
  • Our customer centric product development is tailored to meet the rapidly increasing global demand for adventure travels with purpose.