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About Pacific Harbor Travel

Nicole, Glenna, Linda, Traute

Owner/Travel Consultant

Since my first European trip in 1967, I knew that travel was my destiny.  When I was first offered a job in a travel agency 42 years ago, I jumped at the opportunity.  I knew that I could make a difference in people’s lives by helping them to explore the world; bringing them closer to understanding the cultures, customs, and religious beliefs of other people.  My own little way of creating world peace!

I am passionate about exploring the world, and have traveled extensively throughout the world.  I’ve enjoyed the wonderful, warm and caring people of Fiji, the athletic adventures of New Zealand, the exotic lands and pagodas of Burma, the enticing islands of Indonesia, the allure of the African bush, and so much more.

I spend the majority of my time in the office arranging group travel and this has become my recent specialty.  I’ve extensively worked with the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce helping them to reach out to the world through travel.  You can access their travel webpage with the following link.  Join us in one of their trips for a rewarding experience.

Travel Consultant

I was lucky to travel internationally as a child with my family and I caught the travel bug early!  So I became a travel agent 16 years ago and have enjoyed sending people all over the world ever since.  I have traveled to many countries and have lots of favorites, but if I had to pick just one it would be Africa.  It truly is an amazing and eye opening destination.  I love the moment in my job when I present my clients their travel documents and I see their excitement and happiness for the upcoming adventure!

Travel Consultant

I have been a travel agent for the past 35 years and wow… what changes the travel industry has been through!  One thing that hasn’t changed and that I enjoy most about my job is the gratification I feel after planning a wonderful trip for each and every client.   I lived in Italy for one year and love the country – special memories of the Amalfi Coast!  Nowadays I enjoy tropical vacations that include tennis.

Travel Consultant

I have been a travel consultant for some 30 plus years.  Being from Germany, I have traveled extensively in Europe.  But for some time now my favorite places to travel have been and still are in Asia.  I love to travel and helping clients with their vacation cannot get any better.  There has not been a day that I did not like coming to work!

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